April 24, 2018

Eagles Cooking Competition – Historian Report

By: Nathan Hauda

For the cooking competition, the Eagles patrol did an American theme. The weather there was snow everywhere. (That sentence rhymes I know). We chose pizza for our American theme. Everyone had to bring their own ingredients for the pizza. At 12:00 p.m. we started making the pizzas for dinner. We also made potato fries and root beer floats. When we made the pizzas we make a box oven so we could cook the pizzas. The box oven did not catch on fire like it did in 2012 when I was a new scout.

After we finished cooking Mr. Shan and I started setting the table for the competition. Since the theme was American, we had red, white and blue everywhere – cups, plates, silverware, streamers, and tablecloths. The pizzas we made were pepperoni, cheese, and Hawaiian. Before we started the cooking competition Tyler, Lucas, and I had to cut a meal for the Webelos that were visiting.

Friday night before the cooking competition, we have an overnight camp out at St Francis. When we first got there we set up our tents and set up everything inside the tent. Then after that, we set up tents over the table to protect us from the snow. I helped another scout with advancement requirements by the fire, so he could rank up. After that, we had a campfire. We set up the outside tables and our chuck boxes on Friday night, so they were all ready in the morning when we had to cook breakfast and set up for the competition. When the campfire ended at 9:59 PM, I went to bed because I was very tired.NateHauda