August 25, 2016

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June 2016 Adopt-a-Highway


On Saturday, June 4, the Dragons and Scorpions patrols along with a few helpful volunteers participated in Adopt a Highway along the sides of Walker road. For about an hour and a half, the scouts gave up their time to pick up trash on the sides of the road and make sure that the road stays clean. This is a monthly activity for Troop 55 and without the scouts’ help the road would quickly deteriorate.  Adopt a Highway is a great opportunity for scouts to earn service hours or just to participate in the community and even though it’s trash pickup it can still be a great time.


Are you ready for Summer Camp?!

Please arrive at the Great Falls Library at 9am
The Bus and cars will depart for Camp Rodney at 10:30am
Check-in time for the troop at Camp Rodney is 1pm

More camp details can be found here:

A few last minute reminders:

  • Lunch on Sunday – Scouts and adults traveling to camp should pack a bag lunch to eat on the bus or in the car.
  • DO NOT pack knives for any new scouts; or any scouts that do not have their Totin’ Chip – New scouts may purchase a knife at the camp store which will then be kept by the adult leaders and presented to Mom and Dad at the return from camp to present to the scout.
  • Lighters, matches, incendiary devices, etc. are forbidden at camp.
  • Cellphones – Please do not bring cellphones to camp.  There is limited connectivity and electrical outlet availability to charge devices.  
  • Please do not bring any electronic devices, games, tablets, etc. to camp.
  • If you are bringing medication to camp, please read Mr. Pan’s email with full details on meds at camp and follow all instructions.
  • It is advised that all scouts, especially new/younger scouts, check their spending cash in at the “bank” prior to departure for camp.  There will an adult leader set up with a secured box and envelopes for scouts to put money in at the Library on Sunday.  Scouts will then check in with the bank at camp to withdraw funds.
  • Please pre-package all care packages in a box or sturdy envelope, seal it tightly and label it for your scout.  An adult leader will collect these at the Library for distribution at camp.

FINAL REMINDERS! Tips and Tricks, What to bring, Packing list for Summer camp


DEPARTURE:   Sunday, 6/26  9:00am – Great Falls Library parking lot

 Summer camp advice FINAL 

Crabtree Falls May 2016 – Bear patrol Historian Report

 Crabtree Falls Outing 5/14-15 2016 by James L. (Bear Patrol)

We met at St. CrabtreeFalls-2Francis early on Saturday morning and left pretty quickly.   Last backpacking trip we took a long time in the parking lot preparing.  The drive was long, about 4 hours or so down windy and steep roads. 

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Hershey Park 2016 – Bear patrol Historian Report

HersheyParkHistorian-1Hershey Park Trip Report by James L. (Bear Patrol)

We left Friday evening to head up to the Campground and arrived late that night.  We heard there was cold weather and maybe snow or rain coming. 

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July 4th Parade – Washington, D.C.


Troop 55 scouts have the opportunity to participate in America’s 2016 Independence Day parade.

Scouts must complete the Agreement of Release which must be postal mailed (not emailed or faxed).  If you have questions, please see Mrs. Julia Thorsen.  She has offered to collect and mail forms, but she must have them in hand by June 22nd.  

 July 4th Agreement of Release