July 29, 2014

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Washington Post : Throngs gather on the Mall to celebrate the Fourth of July, D.C.-style

 Washington Post ( Saturday,  June 05 2014)

“… And there were members of Boy Scout Troop 55, from Great Falls, Va., who brought flags and streamers to help kick off the parade on Constitution Avenue NW. …”


Troop 55 Scout At 2014 National Independence Day Parade

Troop 55 2014 Summer Challenge 1: “ScoutStrong Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA)” Challenge

ScoutStrongSmallTroop 55  2014 Summer Challenge 1:  ”ScoutStrong Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA)” Challenge

For the summer of 2014,  Troop 55 is launching the 6 week challenge “ScoutStrong Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA)”. This challenge is for everyone associated with Troop 55, including Scouts, Venturers, Parents, Adult Leaders, Committee Members, Friends of Scouting, and Troop 55 Alumni.

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Summer Camp Historian Report

Read The Scouting report of how summer camp went!!

Also, check out all the pictures :)


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First Day of Summer Camp



We had an amazing ride to camp. We were able to watch two movies on the way down. Once we arrived to camp, we got all our medical forms straightened out. We then took a tour of the camp. It is an amazing camp with a pool and a lake! Everyone that didn’t do a swim test prior to camp was able to complete one. Once we ate dinner, we went to the opening campfire. They had a bunch of funny skits prepared for us.


So far the food is ok.  We’re told it will get better and are looking forward to a hot breakfast in the morning.


So far no has been hurt.  We haven’t even had a sprained ankle.


Stephen T

Antietam outing historian report

We had a great time at the Antietam outing. We gathered at St Francis at 6:30 am and hit the road by 7:30. It only took us
about an hour and a half to get to the campground on the edge of the battlefield because it is pretty close to Great Falls. We set up camp and by 10 am or so we were ready to start the main activity of the outing.

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Sun Gazette: Fairfax Scouts Participate in Inaugural Hike

Tuesday, June 3 2014